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  • Leader in protection and safety services and solutions. Provide tailored solutions based on customer centric values.
  • Multi-sector, multi-solution and multi-national.


  • High quality, precision manufactured parachutes for personnel and cargo.
  • Offers training, maintenance and upgrading.


  • Design and develop smart armouring solutions for air, naval and land platforms.
  • Provide end to end solution from design, development, manufacturing and integration of light weight composite armor for platforms and vehicles.


  • Manufacturer of lightweight and certified protection gear such as ballistic helmets, body armour, ballistic shields and blankets for soldiers to be more mobile and survivable.
  • Design and develop smart armouring solutions for air, naval and land platforms.
  • Provide end to end solution from design, development, manufacturing and integration of light weight composite armor for platforms and vehicles.


  • Offering optronic solutions to enable soldiers to achieve better situational awareness and target acquisition capabilities to help them make quick and effective decisions.
  • Night vision devices, thermal imaging devices, weapon sights, bi-ocular, monocular.


  • Forefront in survival technology and solutions for over 166 years.
  • Able to meet RMAF needs and requirements.


  • Military aircraft new technology component upgrades and repair.
  • Able to store required spare components in the country to reduce aircraft check Turn Around Time.


  • Profaz is a sole authorized wholesale supplier in Malaysia for Bose Aviation headset.Bose Aviation headset known for;
    • Great active noise reduction
    • High performance noise cancelling microphone
    • Comfortable, stable flight
    • Bluetooth option available.


  • Profaz able to offer Private Funding Initiative (PFI) up to RM 150 million for IT and Technology based projects.

Business Partners

The journey towards providing five-star results in both our products and services has been significantly raised in quality with the collaboration of our partners. In our determination to deliver only the best for our clients, PROFAZ has established prominent collaborations with several principal companies. Our list of business partners includes global-leading companies such as:

An industry leader in the design and manufacture of emergency and fire-fighting vehicles with a high technical and innovative component, driven by a goal of providing companies with innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions

A prominent name in the field of firefighting technology, utilizing contemporary advanced technology into the manufacturing of their high quality and high-performance fire protection products
A worldwide manufacturer and distributor of industry-leading FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Technology Systems that are as high-caliber as they are environmentally friendly

Global professional line of optic and electro-optic devices designer, provider made with quality and deep understanding towards researchers, hunters and nature enthusiasts; distinguished by its flexibility and ease in usage

Provides innovative rescue solutions to the most demanding units in the world by using the AirTEP (Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform) recovery or extraction system, a dedicated tool for conducting group extractions from helicopters in any dangerous or demanding environment.

A global leader in critical safety equipment. Leading range of canopied life rafts for all aircraft types from executive jets to large military transporters and airline operators.

Brilliant provider of high quality, precision manufactured, military-style parachute systems and associated defense products to the global commercial, government, and humanitarian customers

At Bose, we’re obsessed with what matters most — the little details that make an impact and the big details that astonish. We believe that the power of lifelike audio has the ability to make an incredible difference on people’s lives. And we think that difference should be available to those who need it.
An unmistakable name in the information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, leading a global production of telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics and various other devices grounded on high quality and advanced technology
Global leader in connected LED lighting systems and smart lighting, dedicated in providing customers with products, systems and services that are excellent in quality, as well as to ensure the innovations contribute to a more sustainable world
A leading provider of technology solutions for a wide range of infrastructure, businesses, residential, commercial, and industrial needs. We pioneered the highly sophisticated remote monitoring and control systems in the region.

Badger Technology Group, Inc. is a US-based Systems Engineering and Hardware/Software development company and was established with a focus on providing unique systems integration capabilities and solutions drawing on expert software, hardware and systems engineers from leading technology and aerospace companies and the US military.